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Microbial contaminates become a problem when there is excessive humidity or moisture in an enclosed space. Contamination can originate from leaks, spills, flooding, a malfunctioning appliance, deteriorating plumbing, or overflow from the emergency condensate pan of your ventilation system. Even high humidity or warm moist air condensing on cool surfaces can trigger mold problems.

Once microbial infestation has been found, a certified professional first contains the area then conducts a thorough inspection. Specialized equipment is used to test for humidity/water levels and for microbial contamination to make sure all areas affected by water are found and contained.

The source/s of humidity and flooding are located and addressed. Furniture and other movable items are removed and addressed separately. Heavily contaminated materials are isolated, removed and properly disposed of. All wet material left is then dried using pumps, wet vacuums, dehumidifiers and blowers.

Carpets and upholstery are then cleaned with commercial grade, truck-mounted deep steam cleaning equipment. If the ventilation system is contaminated, negative pressure is created to prevent debris and spores from spreading to unaffected areas while the ducts are cleaned to NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) standards.

EPA approved sanitizers and deodorizers are used to kill any remaining spores and to further protect the cleaned areas from future contamination for up to six months. Replacement materials is installed or recommendations given for purchasing replacement materials from dependable sources. Upon completion the home/business owner should schedule a followup visit at six months.

MBM uses Foster 40/20 to prevent and treat for mold on vents. It looks like white paint but stops, kills and prevents mold from growing.

Biological Fouling of the Condensate Pan
Air conditioning systems not only cool but remove humidity from the air. This humidity condenses in the cooling coil and goes out the drain line to what is called a condensate pan. Such pans act as an amplification site for microbial growth and dirt. Left unchecked, buildup can plug drain lines causing overflow. Overflows spill out from your furnace or air handler and can cause significant water damage to the system’s controls and to the structure of the home. More importantly, the water contains fungal and other microbial matter which contaminates areas of contact.

Failure to clean the condensate pan regularly is the number cause of overflow. High humidity, old pans or improperly installed pans are also considerations. MBM checks the condensate pan as part of annual ventilation cleaning. EPA algae strips can be used in condensate pans to control microbial growth fro up to six months. MBM carries such algae strips.

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